21 before 22

I started this one last year and I liked it, but on the way I somehow lost track of it.
I keep this side to update you and to remind me of it.
I will also create a minibook about it&this side will also keep track of this one.

The list
(I gave up on the crossed out ones)

1. sort out my clothes. (done.)
2. Get at least 3 1,3s or better (1/3)
3. Finally Create my Sweden&Toscana photo album (1/2)
4. Do yoga/volleyball at least once a week (unfortunally my thumb&head did’t want this to work)
5. Paint 5 pictures (4/5)
6. Keep track of my 365picture thing, take 300 at leats
7. Create 4 minibooks (3/4)
8. Try 5 new cakerecipes (0/5)
9. Read 40 books
10. Write 2 sentences for each of them
11. organize my music
12. organize my craftstuff
13. suprise my boy&make him really happy.
14. see my au-pair family again (done. 21-27.feb.)
15. fill one journal
16. craft at least 5 personal birthdaypresents/christmaspresents(0/5)
17. send christmascards
18. plant vegetables&flowers (done.they are growing a lot)
19. learn cross-country-skiing  or snowboarding
20. go to the library again
21. have a girl’s weekend (this is done. several great days instead of a great weekend. worked for me)


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