I moved

I’ve moved. I’m writting German there, sorry.



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you’ve got that glitter in your eyes

Adventure Nr. 1: stop buying h&m stuff you’re bored of.

I used to love h&m, but I am sick of it. Some things will stay in my closet, like the hoodies or some of the jeans, as long as I get new things in.
I looove gina tricot and finally they have a german online-store.

T-shit: gina tricot, zip-up hoodie: h&m, jeans: h&m, bangles: accessorize&an italian market, nailpolish:chanel barcelona red.

bag: lavin for h&m unicef, headphones: wesc for weare, broken portmonee: accessorize, handthingies: h&m, ipod playing: bonaparte-too much

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2011-I’d rather be hibernating

Couldn’t stay away for too long, could I?

2011 is going to be a great new start for everything. For my life, for me, for my blog.
2010 was a really bad year (until august) and a really fun and great year (from october).
It ends in two days and I am already so excited for the new year, I will celebrate life like I started again 2 month ago.
I have tons of plans for this blog (or maybe a new one, if I find another great free host or a great name).

Celebrating life every day everywhere!

Come with me and make 2011 the greatest adventure you’ve ever had!

I am going to work on my first big new post right now, but before that I leave some inspiration for you:

How to reach your dreams- by Elsie

And some German fashion blogs I discovered lately and that give me so much inspiration:


[pictures via weheartit, like always:)]

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I guess I am taking this blog down.  As soon as I know if something new will be up, I let you know here. Till then:

Thank you for your attention.
Thank you for your reading.
Thank your for your comments.
Thank you for being there.



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